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About Us


At UofT Toastmasters, we create a supportive environment where everyone can improve their public speaking and leadership skills. 

We originally began as an engineering student club in 2004, but today our members are students and non-students! Since then, we've helped hundreds of students rise above their fears, grow into incredible speakers, and live as stronger leaders. We want to help you realize your potential too!


Associated with Toastmasters International, we are open to all guests and welcome everyone to visit our regular meetings.

About Us



We're hybrid! Join us in-person*, or online on Zoom (Meeting ID 333 666 1729)

*Location subject to change, please check our meeting calendar.

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President's Welcome

Hello! You’re probably here reading this because you’re interested in developing your public speaking skills, and you’re interested in what our club can offer. So hi, on behalf of U of T Toastmasters, I’d like to welcome you to our website. On paper, U of T Toastmasters is a public speaking and leadership development club, but in reality, it’s so much more than that. While I’ve learned invaluable tips on how to seem more confident on stage and how to deliver a rousing speech, I’ve also gained things that aren’t as easy to advertise. I’ve gained a sense of confidence around strangers, lost my fear of awkward silences, and found a creative outlet. Toastmasters is what you make of it, and I’ve found it’s contributed an important part to the development of my character. But don’t just take it from me, feel free to drop in to one of our meetings. I hope that Toastmasters can help you on your personal journey, as it has helped me with mine, and we invite you to join our meetings and become part of our Toastmasters family.

Jennifer,  President of University of Toronto Toastmasters

President's Welcome

Meet the Executive Team

Jennifer Mah


What's up y'all! I'm an ECE 2T4 + PEY, and I am so so so thrilled to be your president this term.

My favourite part about the club is that it gives me a creative outlet and a way for me to challenge myself and get better at something. In my (limited) free time, I like to watch cartoons and do the crossword.

Tan Lin

VP Education

Hi, my name is Tan. I enjoy rock climbing, badminton, running, and reading. I've been with UofT Toastmasters for 3 years and learned how to be a more comfortable and clear speaker. I'm currently the VP Ed so please reach out if you have any questions about how Toastmasters works. Cya around!

Angela Yu

VP Membership

Hi I’m Angela, a fourth year student in ECE. I am the VP Membership of the club! You are always welcome to reach out to me if you are interested in joining our club! Fun fact: my last name has the same pronunciation as fish that’s why I’m using a photo of cat holding two fishes!

Tara Chakkithara

VP Public Relations

Hello to everyone reading this! I'm Tara and I'm a 4th year Mathematics Student and the current VP PR of UoFT Toastmasters. I'm really passionate about math, machine learning, and horse riding. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Feel free to reach out and get involved in our community. 

Megan Lin

VP Internal

Hi everyone! I'm Megan, your VP Internal. I'm a second-year student at UofT doing a Human Biology and Psychology double major with an Immunology minor, and I joined Toastmasters to improve my leadership skills and confidence. I love psychological horror games, romance anime, jpop and indie pop, badminton, and running. Please feel free to come chat with me!

Darsh Shah


Hey everyone my name is Darsh, I’m at 3rd year uoft student studying Astrophysics. I joined toastmasters because I wanted to find a way where I could gain confidence in public speaking in the hopes or becoming a stronger leader. I’m looking forward to being the Secretary for the club this year. Some things I love are the Toronto Maple Leafs and UFC. Looking forward to meeting all of you.

Krissa Ghimire


Hey! I'm Krissa, a UofT life sci student and big language nerd. I'm so ecstatic to be the treasurer for the club this term. I joined toastmasters to learn leadership skills, challenge my public speaking, and find cool people to befriend. And you can too! Let's connect!

Praveen Jayakumar

Sergeant At Arms

Praveen is a graduate student at UofT with varied academic interests. Praveen joined toastmasters in the summer of 2023 to improve his communication skills with a goal of conveying and teaching ideas effectively. Praveen enjoys running, biking, baking, and writing poems and short stories when not lost in thought. If you ever need a favour, Praveen accepts almond milk mocha or vegan ice cream as payment in return.

Meet the Executive Team

Join our community!

We have different types of attendees, including free and paid options:


Always Free

  • Take on all Meeting Roles (e.g. Table Topics Master) except Evaluator roles

  • Deliver Table Topic speeches

Student Member

Requires UofT Student Status, free membership

  • Practice Non-Toastmasters Speeches (For External Events/Assignments)

  • Plus all Guest abilities

Toastmasters International Member

Requires paying Toastmasters International Membership Dues @ $10 USD/month

  • Deliver Toastmasters Speeches (prepared speeches)

  • Evaluate speeches

  • Plus all Guest and Student Member abilities

To join us as any of the above, fill out the form below!



  • When do you meet?
    We meet once a week during fall, winter and summer semesters, except exam seasons. The seasonal meeting days are posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages (as well as right below). We post about our weekly meeting and what we've done in them! You can follow who we are, what we believe in, and what we are proud to share as a family. If you want to see some of our speeches, then check out our YouTube Channel. In the mean time, feel free to sign up for our email list on this website, and you will be able to receive our newsletters to update you on our meeting details.
  • What topic can I speak about?
    As a guest, you are welcome to participate in the Table Topics sessions where you will give a short improvised speech on a randomly chosen topic. As a member, you will have access to the education program Pathways by Toastmasters International. There are 11 paths for you to choose from, and each path focuses on a specific aspect of public speaking and leadership skills, such as Dynamic Leadership, Engaging Humor, Persuasive Influence, etc. You will receive training materials for each project and deliver speeches to improve your skills.
Complaint Policy

Policy on Complaints

As an U of T Engineering Society-affiliated club, and in adherence to EngSoc policy (see document attached), any general complaints that cannot be handled through our internal review process (see our constitution) should be directed to the EngSoc Ombudperson via email at

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