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President's Welcome

Hello, and welcome to U of T Toastmasters! On behalf of the Executive Team and club members, we welcome you with open arms!

UofT Toastmasters is not just a club for public speaking, although that is undoubtedly a huge part of our identity. Above all else, we are a family, driven by our shared experiences and inspired by our common goals. We believe in the foundational truth that a person is not defined by what they originally are, but what they strive to become.

While my beginnings do not lie in the world of Toastmasters, this club certainly plays a big part in who I’ve become: not only as a public speaker, but a person. Public speaking isn’t just about being able to speak in front of a large group of people. It is about being able to persuade them, to entertain them, to help lead them, and most important of all, it's about being able to touch their hearts. 

We believe that touching the heart allows us to not only unlock but to unleash the soul, revealing all its wonders. We believe in the idea of the Toastmaster: a shapeshifter, one who is able to morph from a master charmer to a deadly seductor, putting on the appearance of a politician yet able to transform into a comedian. The Toastmaster is what we all strive to be, and one we envision to achieve.

Our greatest hope, the thing that the executive team and myself work towards, is that we are able to unleash the Toastmaster in each and every one of you. We hope that we are able to help enlighten your path towards being the Toastmaster. It may seem daunting, even downright frightening, but remember this: all of us have the courage the moment we realize that our most pure, our most powerful form of expression and inspiration is that of the heart. The moment we realize that as public speakers, we must express our heart, not our soul, is the moment we begin our journey towards being that elusive shapeshifter.
Do you think you can be the Toastmaster? Come and find out, and we hope you learn and grow alongside us.

Adham Ragab
President, University of Toronto Toastmasters


About Us

At UofT Toastmasters, we aim is to create a supportive environment where everyone can improve their public speaking and leadership skills. 


Established in 2004, we used to be UofT Engineering Toastmasters. Since then, UTT has helped hundreds of students rise above their fears, realize their dreams, grow into incredible speakers and live as stronger leaders. We've had many aspiring speakers realize their potential and you can ask about about their success stories in person! 


Associated with Toastmasters International, we operate under the general guidelines for a Toastmasters club, but particularly provide a unique experience for our student members. 


We are open to all guests and welcome every one to visit our regular meetings.


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COVID-19 Notice: Meetings will be held online for the duration of the Fall 2020 semester. Click here for more details.