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About Us


At UofT Toastmasters, we aim is to create a supportive environment where everyone can improve their public speaking and leadership skills. 


Established in 2004, we used to be UofT Engineering Toastmasters. Since then, UTT has helped hundreds of students rise above their fears, realize their dreams, grow into incredible speakers and live as stronger leaders. We've had many aspiring speakers realize their potential and you can ask about about their success stories in person! 


Associated with Toastmasters International, we operate under the general guidelines for a Toastmasters club, but particularly provide a unique experience for our student members. 


We are open to all guests and welcome every one to visit our regular meetings.

About Us
President's Welcome

President's Welcome


On behalf of the executive team and club members, Welcome to U of T Toastmasters. We are geared towards providing a supportive environment for out members which allows them to build and improve their public speaking and leadership skills.


We are a family in a sense, one that supports each other in our speaking and life, as well as one that builds upon each other's goals. On a foundational level, we adopt the growth mindset and believe that people are only limited by how they view the world, and ultimately themselves. We believe that challenges are to be embraced, that being persistent and through effort, learning from critique, you will find lessons and inspiration. Public speaking has been cited as one of people's biggest fears. However, trough the power of progressive desensitization anyone can learn how to deal with that fear and eventually overcome it.


During my first speech I felt a little bit of anxiety. However, after completing the speech a rush of accomplishment fled my brain and this is when I knew that this club is meant for me. It would be a hard a task to find one field or profession in which having better communication skills would not be asset. As a matter of fact, why don’t you come to one of our meetings and let me know about a career/situation where great communication skills would not be beneficial.

Krasimir Toskov
President, University of Toronto Toastmasters

Meet the Executive Team

Meet the Executive Team

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Adham Ragab

Sergeant At Arms

Adham V3 returns
Updates include:
- incessant free time during PEY
- More sleep
- Ready for more speeches

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Falak Navez



Krasimir Toskov


I am an engineering student going into my third year. I have a passion for continuingly getting better trough consistency and discipline. I also lift.


What does Google, Apple, Harvard, Microsoft and MIT have in common. They all have an existing Toastmasters clubs created for their employees and students. Why do you think that is? I believe that companies value the ability to have improved public speaking, communication and leadership skills. There are many ways to improve those abilities however at UofT toastmaster we feel that we have an environment conducive for these changes to occur.

Saron Nigusie

VP Membership

Saron is still learning the art of public speaking, and what better way to learn than with kind, like-minded individuals? U of T Toastmasters has shown her the true value of possessing strong communication skills. In her free time, she enjoys running, biking and playing Sudoku. Feel free to contact her directly regarding your public speaking journey, or anything else for that matter. She is thrilled to be your VP Membership this term, and is looking forward to having you join us at our meetings!

Khalid Al Alami


Words are powerful and they can be the fine line between a normal speaker and a great speaker. Growth is gradual and Khalid lives by this philosophy daily and he wants you to live by it too. Khalid began his Toastmasters journey with a reluctant yes and has grown tremendous confidence ever since. Remember, words are powerful and yes is the most powerful word at your disposal.

Contact Us
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Tan Lin

VP Education

Tan is going into his 5th year at the Scarborough campus. He enjoys reading fiction, gaming, and running. He enjoys meeting new people but is secretly shy. So he joined Toastmasters.

Monica Iqbal

VP Public Relations

Monica is a master’s student at UofT’s Faculty of Information, where she will be studying user experience design and information systems & design. Prior to this, she did her undergrad at UofT in computer science. Since childhood, Monica has a fondness for nature and loves being around parks, beaches, and other natural spaces. At the same time, she has grown heavily concerned about the current state of the environment and wants to use her computer science knowledge to protect it as much as possible. She hopes to explore this possibility in grad school. In addition, public speaking is Monica’s favourite pastime! She is nowhere near perfect, but the main difference is that public speaking no longer scares her like it did before joining Toastmasters.



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