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At UofT Toastmasters, we aim is to create a supportive environment where everyone can improve their public speaking and leadership skills. 


Established in 2004, we used to be UofT Engineering Toastmasters. Since then, UTT has helped hundreds of students rise above their fears, realize their dreams, grow into incredible speakers and live as stronger leaders. We've had many aspiring speakers realize their potential and you can ask about about their success stories in person! 


Associated with Toastmasters International, we operate under the general guidelines for a Toastmasters club, but particularly provide a unique experience for our student members. 


We are open to all guests and welcome every one to visit our regular meetings.


President's Welcome


Welcome to U of T Toastmasters! On behalf of the executive team and club members, we welcome you to our club with open arms and open minds!


U of T Toastmasters is built upon public speaking and our pursuit of providing members with an environment in which they can build and improve their public speaking skills. Yet it is much more than just a club full of speakers. We are a family in a sense, one that supports each other in our speaking and life, as well as one that builds upon each other's goals. On a foundational level, we adopt the growth mindset and believe that people are only limited by how they view the world, and ultimately themselves.


We believe that challenges are to be embraced, that being persistent and through effort, learning from critique, you will find lessons and inspiration. Public speaking has been cited as one of people's biggest fears, and there is no magic pill or trick or thing that will make our fear and nervousness vanish for good, but we can always improve from where we are now.


I was so nervous during my first speech here, I sped through it like Eminem and afterwards had to leave the room because of the nervousness, and dare I say fear, I felt. I’m not a perfect public speaker, nor do I believe there is such a thing as a perfect speaker, but through the supportive environment at this club and the growth mindset I’ve developed, I can say for certain I have improved. Ultimately, our greatest hope is for you to take this journey to improve yourself as a speaker and a leader, to become a Toastmaster however you choose to define it.

Alexi El Morr
President, University of Toronto Toastmasters


Meet the Executive Team

Greg Cooper


Instead of killing two birds with one stone, Greg kills two stones with one bird. Greg is currently, as of when this was published, in Engineering Science. He has always seen public speaking as a weakness for himself but also as a tremendous opportunity for improvement. Greg strives for the confident use of verbal communication and appropriate grammar. Working on it he still is. 

Alexi El Morr


Software + Hardware Reboot: Presidential Edition

This reboot of the president includes:

  • A brand new U of T Toastmasters president

  • A sleep schedule (bugs to be fixed later)

  • A Toast to Master

  • A Master to Toast

Saron Nigusie

VP Membership

Saron is still learning the art of public speaking, and what better way to learn than with kind, like-minded individuals? U of T Toastmasters has shown her the true value of possessing strong communication skills. In her free time, she enjoys running, biking and playing Sudoku. Feel free to contact her directly regarding your public speaking journey, or anything else for that matter. She is thrilled to be your VP Membership this term, and is looking forward to having you join us at our meetings!

Krasimir Toskov


Krasimir is trying to learn about engineering by steering towards UofT. He is not a rapper, but he likes the alligator snapper. His flow is decent in this status quo. He would rhyme in his spare time. He wants to be a Toastmaster since he does not want be a disaster and public speaking is what he wants to master.

Luka Zigomanis

VP Education

Luka is delighted to introduce himself as your U of T Toastmasters Secretary this term and he looks forward to creating a warm environment to foster growth in our community. He likely would have never been in this position right now if it weren’t for his two bum knees, otherwise he would be playing some sport professionally (said every mediocre athlete). Instead, he somehow ended up becoming an EngSci 2T3, majoring in biomedical engineering (as if it were his plan all along). All jokes aside, when he is alone, he can say confidently that he is the best speaker in the room. Sorry to rub it in everyone’s face, but it is true.

Sneha Desai

VP Public Relations

Sneha was too lazy to think of a description for herself last term, and guess what? She's still too lazy to come up with one! What she can say is that the Sneha @ current_age - 5 years would have never thought that she'd be on a public speaking exec team. If you're scared of public speaking, just know that Sneha was once (and still is) there.

Tan's Picture.jpeg
Tan Lin

Sergeant At Arms

Tan is an avid reader and enjoys gaming. He joined Toastmasters to practice public speaking and how to put the right words together to make a speech. He is easily worn down by social contact, but loves meeting new people. And for some mysterious reason, Tan wants to qualify for and run the 2027 Boston Marathon.



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IMPORTANT UPDATE TO MEETING FORMAT: Starting July 7, meetings will be held in a hybrid format (i.e. both in-person and online). Join us at 7 Hart House Circle or on Zoom!